July 5th and 6th, 2014...

26 registered IMAC pilots started arriving on Thursday evening, from as far away as Sept Iles, Chatham, and Sudbury, and all points in-between. A liberal dose of Stetson Flyers ensured we were represented well as a club. Arnprior and Rideau Flyers, and the ORCC were also present, so we had a good cross-section of the local community represented.

Congratulations go out to ALL the Stetsons who practiced hard, flew well, and competed most honorably in this year's event. We dominated the BASIC class, managed third in Sportsman, and flew EVERY round without fail. THAT in itself is a testament to the excellent preparation and work of our Stetsons. These Guys are GOOD!

The weather was VERY windy, to the point that we stopped flying by 2:30 PM on Saturday at +40 km/hr winds, and the same thing on Sunday. Nevertheless, three full rounds (6 sequences) were flown by all, plus one round of the dreaded Unknowns early Sunday morning.

Saturday evening saw 27 people gather at D&S Barbecue for the Pilots Dinner and a very relaxing social evening. Many Ribs and Chickens were consumed, along with a libation or two. It was great to have several significant others, wives and family members join in the dinner festivities. Also evident were the ever-present IMAC Stick Planes, as the gang worked on the unknown sequences for the next morning. It's amazing how flying an unknown in the AM focuses a bunch of pilots out for a good time on a Saturday Night!

A very much deserved special award was presented to Pierre Menard for his exemplary sportsmanship during the event. Within 10 minutes of Norm Belair's Extra 300 expiry date becoming crystal clear, Pierre had Norm lined up with his BIG 100 inch monster as a replacement loaner. Pierre went out on the line with Norm and provided intensive coaching as Norm flew his rounds "Cold Turkey"with the big plane. THAT is what it's all about folks; helping each other! Great job Pierre and Norm!

Stetsons presented the IMAC Worlds Team Canada Captain Ivan Kristensen, with a special Best Wishes and Good Luck certificate to take with them to the Worlds in Muncie, Indianna, Sept. 2-6, 2014. We will be cheering them on!

We wish to acknowledge and thank President Dan Marcotte once again for his tireless efforts on our behalf in organizing and running the canteen, sound system, and virtually everything happening at the event except the flying!

A big shout out also goes to the many volunteers who helped in the canteen, in the scoring shack, on the flight line, and in the background running errands and taking care of the many things that have to happen to create a successful event. We really can not do these events without you. THANKS!

Gary Robertson.


1 Mike Lalonde Stetsons
2 Elckar Monsalve Stetsons
3Fred Lottes Stetsons
4 Pierre Coulombe Stetsons
5 Normand Belair Stetsons
6 Bob Myhara Stetsons
7 Dave Pearson (Rideau Flyers)
8 Steve Wrixon (Barrie)
9 Michel Boulerice Stetsons

1 Brendan Grace (Sudbury)
2. Glen Lundrigan (Toronto)
3. Gary Robertson Stetsons
4. Pierre Menard Stetsons
5 Paul McMillan (Toronto)
6 Dave Percy Stetsons
7 Gaston Boissoneault (Hanmer, On.)
8 Dave Hammond (Arnprior)

Dave Rees (ORCC and STETSONS)
Kevin Denton (ORCC)

Yves Lemaire (Longueuil, Que)
Lee Prevost (Sudbury)
Rick Kroeze (Chatham)

Don McLellan (Chatham)
Ivan Kristensen (Guelph)
Richard Vigneault (Sept Iles, Que.)
Denis Dionne (Ste. Julie, Que.)

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