July 9th to 12th 2014...

...was the 23rd annual Warbirds over Delaware in Lums Pond State Park in Kirkwood, Delaware, USA.

Thanks to Scott Clarke I hitched a ride in his RV, hooked up most of our group of buddies with some notable omissions and headed to Delaware on our annual 'boys road trip'.

I've never seen so many warbirds in one place at one time and was in scale heaven. Aircraft from ever war period attended and most were 1/5th scale and larger!

The Delaware R/C club did an outstanding job of hosting this massive event and are to be congratulated.

Unfortunately for me, my aircraft were not ready for the event so I spend my time shooting stills and video, meeting and talking to new people and legends in the hobby and hanging out with my friends...

Too many to thank so I will thank you one and all!

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