Its been a great summer for flying at the Stetson club. Long hot days with little wind and lots of good people hanging out and having fun.

Last weekend saw two maiden flights;- Scott's Spitfire and Todd's Seawind.

The Spitfire is a Hangar 9 ARF with an OS 91 4-stroke complete with a scale exhaust from Keleo Creations which is way cool. Scott added a pilot bust beautifully painted up by Joe.

As you will see from the pictures, he had some issues with the engine that resulted in two dead-stick landings for two flights... not so good, but the Spit came home in one piece each time. A replacement OS 91 is on order and will be fitted by next weekend, so all is looking good for this ship to fly for a long time to come.

Congrats Scott.

The second maiden was Todd's Seawind which is a really nice looking water/land aircraft.

Fitted with air retracts and a Hayes antenna to tidy things up, it flew well despite having some engine problems and being a little tail heavy... the results of which you will see in the last pictures. A little damage, but nothing that cant be fixed reasonable easily... good luck with that Todd.

Add to these issues my engine in my Edge 540 is due to be swapped out this week and you would think the Stetson field is the Burmuda Triangle for engines!

Just part of the game... enjoys the images...

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