This is the Stetson Flyers Club 7th Annual Giant Rally in September 2006.

Finally! A fly in that is less than 4 hours drive from my house! Great bunch of people, excellent field and setup, but damn that rain...
Yep... the weatherman was right for a change and the rain came down in buckets. I went anyways, camera packed and ready to see if anyone else would
show up. There was a good turnout, under cover talking about all good things R/c and kidding around. A couple even flying in the rain!

This continued till lunch time when the weather broke and there was plenty of flying...

I attended the Saturday only of the 2-day event, I wasn't sure there was much more flying on the Sunday as the rain stopped and the wind came up.

Thanks to all the people I talked to during the day for a great day.. enjoy!

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