The Stetson Flyers Giant Scale Rally is a two day event that draws pilots and spectators from wide area to partake in flying
in a relaxed atmosphere with friends, catch up with old friends, make some new ones and enjoy a roast pig dinner at the end of it all.

Being giant scale requires that aircraft be over 80" in wingspan or 1/4 scale or larger... 60" for biplanes. These large aircraft are equally
awesome to watch for builders and pilots as they are for the public. This years attendees bought a fantastic array of planes from all vintages and types.

This year started as it has for the last two... cold, windy and raining. Quite frustrating as we have been flying all summer in shorts and T-shirts getting
sunburnt and enjoying all day flying till sundown. Despite the weather, pilots showed up, registered and went about the business of flying. Nothing was
going to deter this two day fest.

Sunday lived up to its name and bought clear blue skies and warm sunshine with the wind running down the strip, bringing many back for another days flying.
Perhaps next year I will have something to fly, but for this year I was plenty happy to be the club photographer and enjoyed shooting planes all weekend
when I wasn't helping out with the impound. Thanks to all that made the weekend a success. Enjoy these high res pictures in a new format and let me know what you think...

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